Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Are you still have doubts to buy bitcoins? Before making a decision you must read this article carefully. We are trying to show some advices.

This is one of thoose questions, we’ve been getting every single day, since bitcoin hits 5000 dolars, while i’m writting this, BTC is over $15000 apiece. Regarding a question of whetever, or not you should buy Bitcoin, and whatever the current price is when you’re reading this post, the answer is YES! But yes from the learning perspective and not necessarily as an investment.

We believe, that everyone should learn about cryptocurrencies and the revolutionary technology that is blockchain. This thing will probbably change the world so the least you could do is spend couple of hundred bucks, just to see what it’s like to buy crypto, how you store it and what you can do with it.

From an investment perspective it’s hard to tell what the future holds, but as more and more people find out about this technology, the easier becomes to buy some for yourself while the price per coin will keep increasing. You might hear analysts or the people throwing around numbers like Bitcoin will reach $190000 or even 1mln $ per coin, but that is because bitcoin is valued like art it’s worth asmuch as someone is willing to pay for it.

Even with that we don’t think we’ll ever see Bitcoin at under $5000 ever. Even buing it under $20,000 a coin you’re still technically an early adopter. We’ve had a couple of friends who won big on Bitcoin. They went in hard. Early on, waited for the price to triple, then pulled out their initial investment.

Now whatever happens, happens. We’re applying the same strategy. Whatever You do, be smart about it and never risk money you can’t afford to lose. Will the Bitcoin be the gold of the future? We’re not sure we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Someone could exploit vulnerability in the code, rendering it useless and all this hype could move on to another crypto.

Either way we think the technology is here to stay no matter what coin willbe trading in.