What is Golem GMT? | Golem Project Description

What is Golem GMT? | Golem Project Description

Golem is the most interesting Polish startup that has taken off in recent months. They describes themself as Airbnb for computers and a new era of sharing economy - in this case computing power.

What is Golem GMT? | Golem Project Description

Golem Blockchain Explorers:

Description of Golem ICO

Golem is a project that aims to create an open source, accessible to all, distributed scattered supercomputer. Such a machine would allow to reduce the costs of scientific research, analysis of huge amounts of data or rendering - processes that would require huge amounts of energy, time and resource involvement.

Everyone can lend the power of their own equipment to the needs of the network. They are rewarded accordingly for renting computing power. The project enables development of new programs that can be hosted on the network. Golem is then used as a software distribution platform that is cheaper and resistant to DDoS attacks.

Golem Project Specification

User computers are connected in a peer-to-peer network, in which each node has the same legitimate and fully equivalent role. This solution ensures decentralization, which is the basis for the functioning of most cryptocurrencies.

Users can borrow the computing power of their computers and rent it for their own computing tasks.

Built-in support for the Ethereum platform provides direct transactions. They can be concluded between people providing power, using this computing power and software developers.

Golem also operates as a decentralized software distribution market. Developers can do this by publishing their solutions in the API. At the same time using the trading platform they can set the payment rules for the shared software.

The Golem can be used as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

What is the Golem different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is provided as a currency used to transfer value. The Golem is conceived as a decentralized and dispersed supercomputer. It consists of user devices who decide to share the computing power of their computer. You can purchase somebody's computing power for your own needs, or you can lend your own for the right amount of tokens.

Golem also serves as a platform for the distribution of software for developers.

Creators and Developers of Golem Project

The founder and CEO of the Golem is Julian Zawistowski, who together with co-founders Piotr Janiuk, Andrzej Regulski and Aleksandra Skrzypczak develop the project. The Golem project involves people like:

  • Julian Zawistowski – CEO, founder
  • Piotr ‘Viggith’ Janiuk – CTO, co-founder
  • Andrzej Regulski – COO, co-founder
  • Aleksandra Skrzypczak – Lead Software Engineer, co-founder
  • Alex Leverington – P2P Network
  • Paweł ‘chfast’ Bylica – Lead Ethereum Engineer
  • Marek Franciszkiewicz – Developer
  • Wendell Davis – BDM
  • Adam Banasiak – Developer
  • Paweł Peregud – Developer
  • Dariusz Rybi – Developer
  • Radosław Zagórowicz – Developer
  • Grzegorz Borowik – Senior Software Engineer
  • Muhammed Tanrıkulu – Software Engineer

Golem Wallets

GNT tokens are basically a smart contract of (created, monitored and automatically executed by the blockchain) Ethereum blockchain - so Ethereum wallets are required.