Bittrex - American Cryptocurrency Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange Presentation

Bittrex - American Cryptocurrency Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange Presentation

Bittrex is an American cryptocurrency exchange based in Las Vegas, which provides the possibility of trading over 190 cryptocurrencies.

Bittrex - American Cryptocurrency Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange Presentation

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy

The services offered by Bittrex are subject to the laws of the State of Washington. Bittrex respects: the Bank secrecy law, the law on economic sanctions, so that services are not used to launder money, support terrorism, commit fraud or other illegal activities.

All disputes will be settled by the US District Court for West Washington District or by a state court in King County.

Verification on Bittrex

From October 2017, Bittrex began random verification of users, blocking the possibility of withdrawals until they verify their account. the exchange's support has been flooded with applications, which means that some users have been waiting for verification for a few months. Support, on December 6, published an ad in which they announced that they had noticed users dissatisfaction related to the duration of the verification and announced that they are working to resolve the problem. We can follow the situation on Reddit and on Twitter under the hashtag #BittrexTrouble.

We can not withdraw cryptocurrencies from the new / unverified account on Bittrex.

We can withdraw 0.4 BTC per day from a Basic Account. This value is set to approximately USD 3,000 per day. To get a Basic account level, all you need to do is enter your personal details: name, surname, address and date of birth.

To verify your account, go to the Settings tab, select Basic Verification and provide your personal details.

With Enhanced Accounts, the daily withdrawal limit is 100BTC with two-factor authentication enabled.

To perform the verification, go to the Settings tab, select Enhanced Verification and click Start Enhanced Verification. Then the Netverify by Jumio verification system will start, which will guide you through the verification process step by step. For verification, we need a passport, ID card or driving license as well as a webcam.

Bittrex Security

Bittrex allows you to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) using the Google Authenticator app. Exchange without 2FA enabled has reduced withdrawal limits.